Mental Health & Wellbeing
Mental Health - Ethics and Legislation
This module helps you identify the fundamentals of working with people with a mental health condition and learn the necessary skills to show compassion and understanding.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how to work with people who have a mental health disorder
  • Identify the fundamentals that are needed working with those with a diagnosed mental health condition
  • Identify the skills needed to show compassion and understanding
  • Understand the fundamental qualities that practitioners use in practice
  • Identify applicable legislation and regulations

What are the ethical considerations of working with people with mental health conditions? What are the legal considerations?

Mental Health: Ethics and Legislation seek to answer these questions and provide learners with an understanding of their obligations when providing support to people with mental health conditions. Learners will understand the importance of confidentiality and privacy, as well as being aware of discriminatory practices and how to overcome these.

With a focus on promoting diversity and inclusion, this module looks at how practitioners can apply a person-centred approach and meet the needs of people with mental health conditions. It also looks at communication skills, learning styles, representational systems, record keeping, time management, and best-practice therapeutic approaches.

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