Mental Health & Wellbeing
Recovery Focused Care
This topic centres on recovery—including the models of recovery, the recovery star, types of treatment and support, and what it means to people.
Learning Outcomes
  • Identify models of recovery
  • Discuss the recoery star model
  • List types of treatment and support
  • Understand what recovery means to people

Recovery is not a ‘one size fits all’ process—it is unique to each individual and varies from person to person. It is also non-linear, i.e. it has sudden changes and develops in different directions. Learners will begin to understand recovery more as they navigate through this module and also be aware that recovery means something different to each individual.

This module looks at the different models of recovery and the recovery star, as well as the types of treatment and support. Treatments covered in this module include the SMART model, goal setting, and psycho-education. Psycho-education aims at changing the way a person thinks and encourages them to reframe experiences to be more positive. While treatment focuses on the individual, this topic also highlights the importance of providing support to those in recovery.

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