Professional Development
Email Essentials
From Reply All to Kind Regards, learn all about email etiquette
Learning Outcomes
  • Follow proper email etiquette
  • Realise why it's important to always proofread any text you write
  • Know the golden rules of sending emails

In the workplace, email is probably one of the most common forms of communication. It allows several people to be looped in on a project/update, quickly delivers messages, and has the option to add attachments so more information can be conveyed.

Despite its popularity, people still tend to make minor mistakes when sending emails. From Replying All when it’s not necessary or using an informal sign-off, there is a need for people to learn email etiquette.

etrainu’s Email Essential course provides a quick summary of the proper email conventions and shows learners important concepts of an email, including greetings, sign-offs, and formality.

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