Professional Development
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Take the discomfort out of feedback sessions.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn about the importance of feedback
  • Understand the feedback gap
  • Learn about the three key aspects of feedback
  • Identify the difference between feedback, criticism, etc.
  • Learn the three golden rules of feedback, and various models for giving & receiving feedback

Nothing fast-tracks improvement like feedback. Unfortunately, in work as in life at large, many of us are a bit touchy about feedback – both giving and receiving. Sometimes, it scans as too personal; sometimes it can seem frustratingly vague or unnecessary. With this course, our aim is to help you see through the uncomfortable elements of feedback and experience it for what it truly is: an effective means of understanding our current situation so we can make decisions that will help us change and grow. To accomplish this, the course outlines the underlying purpose of feedback, feedback vs. criticism, and a series of strategies and frameworks in which to deliver and receive feedback. These strategies include the PEER and TAKE feedback models.

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