Professional Development
Decision Making
By having a simple and clear process for decision making, you will be more confident in knowing that the impact will be more aligned with your desired outcome.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how to make more effective decisions
  • Understand the process for making great decisions
  • Embody the ability to manage the impact of our decisions
  • Understand why decision making needs to be more holistic and timelier

In this module we will discuss the need for a greater understanding of the process required to make great decisions. Many leaders are confronted daily with issues involving them to make decisions. Often these decisions are urgent and important and knowing what is needed to be done quickly and accurately is a challenge. We now live in a much more agile world, where competitive pressures, increased governance and speed to market are all factors that impact our decision making. We know that procrastinating on a decision not only frustrates the team waiting to get things done, but also impacts our ability to routinely satisfy the ever-increasing expectations of the customer.

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