Successfully Leading Remote Teams
Keep your team connected and on track when working remotely.
Learning Outcomes
  • Create the mindset needed to support remote working
  • Understand the framework you need to lead successful remote teams
  • Establish a communication rhythm to support your team
  • Learn how to communicate with purpose
  • Keep your team highly engaged and productive

This module shares two simple and highly practical tools you can put into action with your team immediately. Aimed at people who lead wholly or partially remote teams, this module will help you ensure your team feel like they all belong and have a clear sense of purpose. You will explore the foundations for behavioural success when leading your team, and the 5 important levels of communication that need to be established. With these key pieces of learning, your team won’t miss a beat! By creating a framework which allows your remote team to feel connected, engaged and productive, no matter where they are, you will be able to foster an outstanding work environment. By implementing these tools, you and your team will be clear on what they should be working on, when it’s due and the outcomes your business needs. By the end of this course you will know how to give your team clarity on your expectations while allowing space for discussion, insight and innovation.

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