Coaching and Mentoring
Gain insight into being a successful coach and mentor by equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to do both.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand what coaching is and its benefits
  • Understand the coaching structure
  • Learn the power of quality questions
  • Understand mentoring and how it supports coaching

Coaching and mentoring are two of the most valuable gifts we can give another person. The benefit for others is measured by the level of their growth in all aspects of their life. This module will provide you with the knowledge and skills as a coach and mentor to help others to challenge their status quo and therefore their comfort zone, and create a vision of their future state that is both inspiring and compelling. It will also provide them with the tools and most importantly the belief required to deliver on their vision. To be able to provide this amazing gift to others we firstly need to know what specifically coaching and mentoring is, and the difference needed in our approach when fulfilling either of these roles.

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