Work Health & Safety
Safety Culture
Exploring how leaders and individuals can work together to build a safety culture to protect everyone in the workplace.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn about the sum of our subconscious minds
  • Learn about building our positive beliefs
  • Learn about the cultural license
  • Learn about mindful safety summary

Workplace culture refers to the overall character of a business/organisation. It also includes a workplace’s values, beliefs, and goals. In maintaining safety, it is important to create a culture focused on safety. So, learners are asked to think: how can I create a culture of safety? And what can I do to maintain both my safety and the safety of others around me? Safety Culture invites you to reflect on your personal beliefs toward safety, including positive and negative, and how you can use or change them to move to a culture of safety. More importantly, it encourages you to practice creating a safe workplace—after all, practice makes perfect.

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