Work Health & Safety
Safety Self-Efficacy
Focused on the self, this module explores how people can learn how to take control of their situation and reduce the impact of risks.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to keep composure when you need it
  • Develop inner strength
  • Learn about stress management
  • Understanding about being disengaged

Self-efficacy reflects our personal ability to control our situation and therefore impact the risk of injury to ourselves or others. It differentiates how we feel, think, and act and is evident in our judgements.

So how does one practice self-efficacy with regard to personal safety? Part of doing so involves maintaining composure when needed and understanding the self. This module explores how individuals can do so and sparks reflection on how we can change our mindsets to fully create a safe environment.

Along with understanding more about the mind and the self, learners will also see how they can manage conflict and stress, which ultimately leads to a happier and safer workplace.

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