Work Health & Safety
Risk Management Fundamentals
Risk management helps create and manage value. Learn how you can reduce accidents and stay safe.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand risk and identify hazards
  • Learn about the Hazard ID and Control Tools
  • Learn about the Work Process Model
  • Learn about Risk Management

Beyond being aware of your safety, you must also learn how you can manage any risks and take steps to reduce them. This process is known as risk management.

One of the key concepts in risk management is being able to identify any hazards or risks in the workplace. This module explores how workers can identify hazards and what the next steps are for managing them.

With a range of techniques, Risk Management Fundamentals also explores how you can find your energy as a way to locate where hazards are (similar to DRSABCD in performing first aid resuscitation). It also looks at how safety has its own language and why you need to learn it, while providing an overview of the risk management process.

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