Professional Development
Breaking the Barriers
Gain insight into why most people lack self-awareness and an understanding of how to change your behaviour in any area of your life.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the role of the subconscious mind and its relationship to the conscious mind
  • Understand the two factors that most influence the way you behave
  • Learn how to beat procrastination

Before we’re able to proactively take charge of our lives, it is important to understand the role of our subconscious mind in how we naturally behave. It’s reactionary and dominant nature in fact creates a high lack of self-awareness which impedes our ability to self-correct and even understand our behaviour. It is others who experience us and know how we are behaving, and therefore we need to actively seek feedback from others. Allowing us to get a real time view of the things we do and say. Thus, creating a higher level of self-awareness.

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