Professional Development
Energy and Confidence
Learn the process for creating energy and confidence and its importance in your life.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the process for creating energy
  • Understand the power of belief and its importance in your life
  • Understand what drives you and keeps you focused
  • Understand how you can regain confidence and keep it

Having a lack of energy or a lack of confidence creates an internal environment for failure. It is even more so if you have a lack of both. If we are going to move forward with purpose, direction and action, we need to have the necessary energy and confidence to do so. Some people say that ‘Knowledge is Power!’ We cannot agree with this well-trodden cliché. Knowledge on its own is just knowledge, it is interesting, but it doesn’t achieve anything. It’s when knowledge is combined with committed and decisive action, that our true power comes from. To be committed and decisive takes both energy and confidence and in this module, we will discuss how to find both! What creates energy and what we need to focus on to be confident.

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