Work Health & Safety
Safety Culture Maturity
Looking at how, today, the importance of safety is well-recognised because more and more people realise the value of creating a safety culture.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding on aligning beliefs, structures and behaviour
  • Learn about safety culture maturity
  • Learn about managing our subconscious resistance
  • Learn about safety culture, change and the role of self-validation

While it is important to continue to highlight the importance of maintaining personal safety and the safety of others, it is also worth noting how far safety culture has come. Today, lessons around common safety issues, such as speeding, drink driving, and smoking, have matured over time—creating a safer community.

Sometimes, the maturity of the concept of safety also threatens it. In other words, people think that because there is awareness about such dangers, there is no longer a need to continue to emphasise the importance of safety.

This module, therefore, looks at how positive mindsets can bring about more change and prevent safety culture from stagnating.

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