First 90 Days
Taking your time, getting to know your new role, your new team and the organisation from a new lens is what this module is all about.
Learning Outcomes
  • Balance the need to create your plan but still look for quick wins
  • Understand the importance of the first few weeks and how they impact the rest of the first 90 days
  • Establish the right relationships early on
  • Build the structure, process and insights necessary to succeed early in your new role

There is an overwhelming temptation to immediately want to make a difference when being promoted into a more senior role. We want to prove that the decision was a good one and that they had backed the right person. We also want to show our new team (peers and direct reports) how we can have a big impact quickly! When we do this and act on impulse, we rarely make the best decisions and miss the unintended consequences our decisions can have. It takes time to learn the “lay of the land” and really understand the priorities and interdependencies that already exist.

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