Beginner's Pack
An introduction to beer, wine, spirits, coffee, and all the technical elements of bartending.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand beer types and the processes of making it
  • Understand the spirit distillation process
  • Understand how to make and serve wine
  • Understand the basics of coffee preparation and presentation
  • Work behind a bar, including making and serving drinks and practicing good hospitality

You wouldn't think it, but bartending can be serious business. There's a lot of information to keep stored about a lot of different types of alcohol...all while managing money, stock, customer expectations, and just generally maintaining good hospitality. If it all feels a bit much to keep track of and you need an introduction, or a refresher, or hey, even if you're just interested in what goes on behind that bar, Blackboard Training's Beginner's Pack is here to help.

First up, we have Beer, which! This discusses the process of beer making, an explanation of types of beer, and information about storage, cold rooms and kegs. Next there's Spirits, which covers the distillation process including harvesting, fermentation and ageing of spirits, barrel storage, and looks at Husk Distillers' gin and rum products. Then there's Wine, which highlights the processes of a winery, how to correctly store and preserve wine. And Coffee, which teaches the basics of coffee preparation and presentation, and explains different types of coffee and related terminology. Finally, there's Behind the Bar course provides an overview of information and processes for bartenders working behind the bar. This includes things like bar tools, making drinks, stock control, POS, and opening and closing procedures, amongst other useful bits.  

The content in this pack is proudly presented by the following organisations:

  • Balter Brewing Company
  • Husk Distillers
  • Witches Falls Winery
  • Simple Coffee House
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