Two Hats - Navigating the Role of a Parent Coach
Many parents take on the role of coach and, after some basic training, are often left to work things out for themselves. This course aims to give parents greater confidence in fulfilling the role effectively.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding the role and if it is right for you
  • Having crucial conversations and seeking support from your family network
  • How do we effectively separate the 'Two Hats’
  • The positives of coaching your own children
  • The challenges of coaching your own children
  • Laying solid foundations
  • How to develop an effective communication policy
  • Positively managing pre and post match conversations
  • Encouragement from some of the world’s leading sporting figures

Two Hats has been designed to support parents who are already coaching or transitioning into coaching their own children.

It emphasises the importance of maintaining a balance between coaching duties and family life and digs deeper into the complexities of this unique role.

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