The Four Reasons for Poor Performance
Learn the four reasons why a team member may not be performing at their best, and what you can do as a leader to turn that situation around.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the four reasons that cause poor performance within your team
  • Identify, target and address the main reasons why an individual may not be achieving their potential

When trying to understand why a team member may not be performing at their best, it is easy for a leader to jump to certain conclusions; laziness, a lack of care or perhaps a lack of ability. Yet often, the reason for poor performance is more complex and varied, and more importantly, is heavily influenced by the behaviour and support of the leader. This course will provide a simple and repeatable framework that will help you identify, target and address the real reasons why an individual is not achieving their potential. You might be challenged as a leader to see your role in achieving the solution! The course includes a printable toolkit that contains a quick reference guide and a template to help you work through the framework with a team member.

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