Return to Play
Get a handle on Sport Australia’s Return to Sport toolkit. Provides links to each resource and instructions on how to complete.
Learning Outcomes
  • Identify who is best suited to fill the role of COVID-19 Safety Coordinator
  • Complete the appropriate COVID-19 Checklist for your organisation
  • Complete and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan designed for your organisation
  • Fill out Attendance Registers for all events and sessions hosted by your organisation

Restrictions across the country are starting to lift as COVID-19 numbers decrease. But although we’ve flattened the curve nationwide, we still need to be cautious – especially in sport, where closeness and contact are a guarantee.

Sport Australia have designed a toolkit to help organisations of any size to transition safely back to the field as these restrictions lift. In this course, we outline an ideal method of navigating and implementing each step of the toolkit.

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