Diversity & Inclusion
Cultural Awareness – Individual License
Race, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation—what does it mean to be aware of and respect the different identities of different people?
Learning Outcomes
  • Be aware of the unique identities of different people
  • Know the different aspects that can form a person’s identity, including race, religion, sexual orientation, sex, ethnicity, etc.
  • Build a cultural awareness
  • Understand the need and importance of respect, diversity, and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion: two buzzwords that are taking the world by storm. But how can we build inclusion and develop a culture of tolerance and acceptance to people of diverse backgrounds?

The etrainu Cultural Awareness Suite offers learners an introduction to cultural awareness by exploring the different identities of people including their race, religion, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation.

By touching on these identities, learners see the uniqueness of people and also start to understand how they can be respectful and understanding of others. With eight modules, each centred on a different topic, learners have a comprehensive foundation to build their cultural awareness.

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