Complex Care Essentials – Individual License
Simplifying the complex: a look at complex care conditions
Learning Outcomes
  • Have an awareness of the different complex care conditions some people with disability or older people may experience
  • Know how to best support people with complex care conditions
  • Understand your role, responsibilities, and legal obligations when it comes to providing care and support

How do we best support people with complex conditions? The Complex Care Suite answers this question and explores the ways support workers/carers can assist people with such conditions.

Diplomas and certifications for every support worker is cost prohibitive and doesn’t allow you to mobilise your workforce immediately. That’s where etrainu’s Complex Care essentials library is different. With detailed eLearning modules on topics like catheter care and bowel care, your team is equipped with the right training to support your clients, at a fraction of the cost. This is the must-have training solution for support providers caring for clients with complex needs. With in-depth courses that combine visual and audio learning, this NDIS compliant solution helps your staff deliver the best standard of care.

Courses included as part of the eLibrary are: Bowel Care, Asthma Management, Catheter Care, Enteral Feeding Management, Managing Diabetes, Basic Wound Care, Epilepsy and Midazolam, Oxygen Management, Ventilation Support, Tracheostomy Care, Severe Dysphagia Management, Mealtime Management and Stoma Care.

The Complex Care Essentials elearning library is a comprehensive resource designed for healthcare professionals and service providers to improve their knowledge and skills in caring for patients with complex needs. The library is mapped to 23 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points via the Nursing and Midwifery CPD requirements, making it an efficient and effective way for healthcare professionals to meet their ongoing professional development requirements.

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